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Сбор подписей под петицией в Белый Дом: Обама! Верни Нобелевскую Премию Мира!

Оригинал взят у m_ulenka в Сбор подписей под петицией в Белый Дом: Обама! Верни Нобелевскую Премию Мира!
Оригинал взят у kotleopold77 в Сбор подписей под петицией в Белый Дом: Обама! Верни Нобелевскую Премию Мира!

Новостным сайтом «E-News» предложена мирная инициатива по наказанию президента США за наглость, самонадеянность, лицемерие, ложь, агрессивность повлекшую за собой сотни тысяч смертей по всему миру.

Самым лучшим наказанием для зарвавшегося, обнаглевшего хама это удар по его имиджу, по его престижу, по его самомнению. С этой целью и иницирована петиция на сайте Белого Дома с требованием к Обаме вернуть Нобелевскую Премию Мира.

Петиция называется «Mr.Obama, return the Nobel Peace Prize!»

По правилам американской президентской администрации любая петиция, набравшая 100000 голосов, должна получить официальный ответ. Но дело даже не в этом. Одного того факта, многократно растиражированного по всем интернет-ресурсам и СМИ, что на сайте Белого Дома есть петиция с таким требованием, достаточно, чтобы потрепать кое-кому нервишки и подмочить и без того его мокрую репутацию. Теперь дело только в числе подписей, которые мы сможем набрать по всему миру.

Так что распространяйте ссылку на страницу этой петиции по всем имеющимся у вас каналам: форумы, информационные ресурсы, соцсети, и т.д. Общими усилиями нам следует достичь рекорда подписей. Это должен быть нокаут.

Если у кого-то есть возможность перевести на другие языки или распространять для зарубежной - китайской, арабской, латиноамериканской публики, это всецело приветствуется.

Текст петиции (его же вы увидите на странице по ссылке):

Mr. Obama, return the Nobel Peace Prize !
The decision to award Mr. Obama with Nobel Peace Prize was based upon many promises made by him before and after election.

Mr. Obama should officially return the Nobel Peace Prize with his apologies, because he:

- had not closed the Guantanamo prison

- is redeploying troops in Iraq

- has not moved US troops out of Afghanistan

- forced regime change in Lybia which resulted in ongoing civil war, deaths of thousands of civilians

- continues to support violent rebels in Syria

- intended to wage war on Syria

- supported violent protests in Ukraine, which ultimately resulted in coup-d'etat and civil war

- did not stop the massacre in Gaza

- failed to provide protection and justice to Americans: murder of Mike Brown, excessive use of power by police, harassment of protesters and journalists

Ниже первоначальный текст на English. Этот текст оказался для сайта слишком длинным, пришлось сократить раз в шесть.

Mr. Obama should return the Nobel Peace Prize for failing to fulfill his promises to make our world more peaceful, to end conflicts and close torture prison.
In 2009 the Nobel Committee has awarded Mr. Barack Obama its highest and most honorable Nobel Peace Prize. The decision was based upon many promises that were made by Mr. Obama before and right after his election. Among them were: promise to close Gunatanamo prison, promise to end the deployment of US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan, and promise in his Cairo speech to maintain dialogue between civilizations.
Today, after more than 6 years in office, the results are:
- President Obama had not closed the Guantanamo prison as he promised in 2008, prisoners continue to receive cruel and unusual punishment and are being tortured;
- US troops are once again deployed in Iraq (redeployed in some form in August, 2014);
- US troops have not been moved out of Afghanistan, and no peace has been achieved between warring sides;
- In 2011 Mr. President violated the UN Security Council Resolution on Libya, which allowed only air support for the opposition forces, by forcing the regime change in that country. This resulted in a 3 year long, ongoing civil war and deaths of tens of thousands of civilians.
- President Obama and his administration supported and continue to support violent rebels in Syria, who indiscriminately kill civilians and conduct terrorist activities in Syria and Iraq.
- President Obama and his administration had full intention to attack the sovereign state of Syria, and turn it into a next spot of perpetual civil war;
- In 2013 and 2014 the Obama Administration supported the violent protests in Ukraine, provided financial and moral support to political groups with questionable, neo-Nazi ideology which eventually replaced the elected government in the country. This resulted in horrific Odessa massacre and a violent civil war in Ukraine which has claimed, by some estimates, up to 10 thousand lives already.
- In July 2014 Obama Administration and Mr. President himself have done close to nothing to stop the violence in Gaza in a timely manner. Thousands of innocent lives have been lost, the siege on Gaza still exists and there is still no security for Palestinians or Israelis.
- Obama Administration has failed to provide protection and justice to his fellow Americans, of which the despicable massacre of Mike Brown is a clear proof. Excessive use of power by police, harassment of civil protesters and even journalists are clearly not what Mr. Obama had promised.
- Mr. Obama's inability to keep dialogue with his opponents has brought the world to the brink of a new Cold War.
The Nobel Peace Prize was given to Mr. Obama “in advance” and with the hope to see major decisive actions by him to advance peace in the world, to bring peace to at least some of the raging conflicts.
Since Mr. Barack Obama has totally failed to keep his promises, failed to bring peace to places of conflict, and instead has been himself a cause of major strife and civil conflict in many parts of the world, he should officially return the Nobel Peace Prize with his apologies and explanation of his failure.

Пройдя по ссылке, попадаем на сайт Белого Дома. Справа поля для ввода Имени, Фамилии, Е-мейл-адреса (зип код можно игнорировать), и ставим галочку. Чуть ниже красная кнопка «SIGN NOW» - кликнув на неё, подписываемся под петицией.

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